Hunter of the Dead

December 1st, 2008

One of my players wanted to adapt a third-edition character who’d taken the Hunter of the Dead prestige class (from Complete Warrior).  This was a prestige class for undead-slaying (obviously) paladins and clerics — its prerequisites included the ability to turn undead.  I’m sharing the paragon path we came up with in case it might be of interest to others.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this path, or something very similar but differently named, turned up in official form in Divine Power in a couple of months.  The vampire slayer is a pretty common archetype, after all.

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Adapting the 4e Shadowdancer

November 2nd, 2008

Back when third edition was first published, one of the things I liked most about it was the shadowdancer prestige class.  This roguish class was a sort of sneaky swashbuckler, and at the time my favorite classes were rogue and bard (despite their general underpoweredness).  It was a perfect match for my then-current character, in fact.

In fourth edition, paragon paths are more or less the new prestige classes — they’re there to allow further customization of a character, but without the possibility of stacking multiple ones in ways which caused them to become broken, as they could in 3e.  So I suppose it’s only natural that I’d end up wanting to convert the shadowdancer.

I’m fairly certain an official conversion is in the works, perhaps even in Martial Power, due out in a couple of weeks.  But I think this still serves as a good example of converting a 3e prestige class to a 4e paragon path.

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