More Treasures of Galadria

May 23rd, 2011

I’ve just returned from an extended trip to London, which provided plenty of inspiration for posts.  While I’m getting some of them in order, though, I figured I should post an update, since it’s been quite a while.  Here, then, are some more magic items from my long-running Galadria campaigns.  These span the various editions; I haven’t gone through the process of  updating all of them to 4e, or even to 3e, so I’ve stripped things like cost/gold value.

These particular items originate from the Mythic Asia portion of my campaign world.

Sutra of Enlightenment

These illuminated prayer strips bear the calligraphy of the Enlightened Master himself.  Each is imbued with great virtue.  Simply carrying one confers the benefit of a protection from evil 10′ radius spell.  If placed upon a door, gate, or archway, it prevents any summoned, otherplanar, or spirit creature from passing, and also provides good creatures within 50′ a +4 bonus to saving throws against spells and spell-like effects.  Wrapping one about the hilt of a weapon allows that weapon to strike ethereal or phasing creatures with a +2 bonus to attack rolls and damage.  Finally, a good creature who burns such a prayer strip during meditation or prayer experiences an epiphany:  he immediately gains a level.  Since the Enlightened Master transcended mortality nearly 1,000 years ago, these prayer strips have become quite rare, but they have a way of turning up in the strangest of places…

Shamisen of Forgotten Lore

This appears to be a perfectly ordinary instrument (though of fine quality, granting a +1 to any performance-related proficiency checks) and does not radiate magic when detect magic is cast; a stronger divination, such as identify or legend lore, however, will reveal its properties.  If the shamisen is played for five minutes, its music guides listeners into a mental state that assists recall.  This mental state lasts for one hour after the music has stopped and provides a +2 bonus to any Intelligence or proficiency check related to remembering specific facts.  If the shamisen is played by a bard, this bonus is increased to +4, and the bard gains a +20% bonus to his bardic lore checks for the same amount of time.  The shamisen’s magic can be called upon only once per day.

Tea Kettle of Iniho

Long ago, friendly kitsune made the daimyo of Iniho Castle a gift of this bronze tea kettle.  The kettle purifies (as the purify food and drink spell) anything placed within and will, upon command, gradually heat its liquid contents to just below boiling.  (The kettle itself will remain cool and easy to handle.)  The kettle can brew six cups of tea in 15 minutes.  If drunk while still hot, this tea eliminates all fatigue, grants the benefit of a cure light wounds spell, and grants immunity to sleep effects for 12 hours.  If the tea is drunk as part of a formal tea ceremony, which requires one hour and a successful Perform (tea ceremony) check, those who partake additionally gain the benefit of a heroes’ feast spell.  The kettle can be used as often as desired, but a given individual can benefit from the tea only once per day, and the tea loses its beneficial properties after one hour.

Shuriken of Serenity

These weapons, created by the White Valley ninja clan to assist in capturing targets alive, appear to be crafted out of fine porcelain, though they are practically impervious to damage.  Seven such shuriken are known to exist.  Each shuriken offers a +3 bonus to attack rolls and causes no damage on a hit.  Instead, a target who has been successfully struck must save vs. paralysis or fall asleep (as the sleep spell, but with no limit on the HD that can be affected).  On a successful save, the target is instead slowed (as the slow spell) for one round.  A shuriken of serenity returns to its owner’s hand 2d4 rounds after being thrown and can then be used again.

Crimson Lion Mask

This lacquered wooden mask has the aspect of a fearsome horned lion.  When worn, it grants a +1 morale bonus to AC and immunity to fear.  If the wearer is in medium or heavy armor, it also eliminates the movement speed reduction caused by such armor.  Three times per day, as a standard action, the wearer can loose a mighty roar, which functions as the shout spell (base save DC 19).  Once per day, as a free action, the wearer can activate an eyebite (fear) effect (base save DC 20).  The wearer’s own force of personality can enhance these effects; the save DCs for the mask’s abilities are modified by the wearer’s Charisma modifier, and a wearer with at least five ranks in Intimidate gains a further +2 modification to the save DCs.


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