4e Monk project update

January 6th, 2009

I’ve completed the latest revision to my 4e Monk project.  The largest changes this time around are to the Inner Eye and Quivering Palm mechanics.

Inner Eye no longer allows the use of Wis bonus to AC and Reflex instead of Dex or Int; feedback rightly pointed out that this made monks depend on too few attributes for comfort.  I think I willfully overlooked that for a while in an effort to preserve some of the traditional feel, but this way does work out a little bit better for gameplay.  As an alternative, instead of granting a straight +3 AC bonus, you could let Inner Eye provide half the monk’s Wis modifier; this is a little weaker at heroic levels and a little stronger at epic levels, but shouldn’t cause a large balance issue.  (Remember to round down, though.)

On reflection, I kept Quivering Palm as a free action, but I changed the disrupted status; it now only causes a -1 penalty to saving throws, which doesn’t increase with tier.  A feat is available at paragon levels to increase that to a -2 total, equivalent to Spell Focus.  I’ll need to see what this does to average durations, since part of the idea is that monks trade a little damage for a little control, but -4 (with a feat) at epic levels was a bit too much.

I also reduced the number of Reliable powers, preferring to add Miss attacks.  A large number of Reliable powers seems to be part of the fighter’s schtick, so I didn’t want to trespass too much.  There’s still a scattering of Reliable monk techniques, including the infamous Dim Mak.

A number of individual powers got adjustments, and the multiclass feat gained a one-die-size increase to unarmed damage to make it a little bit better.

Aside from the Quivering Palm question, and perhaps an examination of Hard Style vs. Soft Style bonus for Technique Focus, I think I’m getting pretty close to a “final” version.  Any playtesting feedback would, naturally, be appreciated.


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