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September 7th, 2008

A couple of shorter topics that wouldn’t make for good single posts (at least by my wordy standards).

First, a quick update on my fourth-edition monk replacement class.  I made a number of minor changes a couple of days ago, and it’s looking good so far — at least at lower levels.  I still haven’t had a lot of opportunity to test it at high levels.  I have my eye on a couple of things that seem as though they might be overpowered right now (World Breaker’s Hand and the epic destiny “encounter-power-as-at-will-power” trait being the two biggest).

All told, balancing a class in 4e is a tricky process.  If any of you are actually using this class (or a variant) in play, I’d appreciate any feedback; it’ll help me get it to work.

I’m also looking for a name to give it so that I can keep referring to it after the official monk class comes out without causing confusion.  (I should have plenty of time — that won’t happen until the Player’s Handbook 2, next spring, at earliest, and maybe not until the PHB3.)  I’d ideally like it to be to the point and in English.  So far “Martial Artist” or “<adjective> Monk” are seeming like the most likely contenders.

Second, I should have passed this on a couple of days back, but I read on Purple Pawn that Wizards of the Coast has withdrawn its permission for third-party use of the d20 logo.  After the end of this year, publishers won’t be allowed to sell products featuring the logo

Accordingly, several merchants are discounting those products.  Goodman Games and Troll Lord Games are among them.  If you’re sticking with 3.5e or its derivatives, this could be a great time to pick up a bunch of new material, and if you’re playing 4e or another system, you might think about picking something up for adaptation or inspiration.

And finally, something having to do with the site itself.  I’m more or less finished tinkering with the design and layout, at least for the present, unless I discover something that’s broken in a given web browser.  I’m reasonably happy with my colors, my sidebars, and so on.  I could still use a header graphic, but the one I’ve got serves adequately too.

One of the decisions I made during the reshuffling was to remove the ads I’d been intermittently running.  I don’t have any expectation of actually making money from the site, and whatever the ads might have done in the way of defraying operating expenses, it wasn’t worth having to look at them.

Because I’m not entirely altruistic, I’ve got a donation button and a link to my Amazon wishlist instead, down at the bottom of the sidebar.  I’ve also got an offer:  Anything I get donations toward (or get donated outright), I will write at least three articles about.

The first of these articles will be a comprehensive review, probably of two to five thousand words in length, but longer if necessary.  The other two will present elements adaptable into a game or consider alternative ways of using those elements already present.  At least one of these articles will be a worldbuilding or advice “fluff” post; the other may be a mechanical “crunch” post.  The total length of the articles will be in the 5000 words-plus range.  If three articles won’t do that, I’ll write a fourth.  If I find inspiration beyond three articles, I’ll write a fourth.

Basically, this is a pitch for stuff to use in my game, yeah.  But if nothing else, I’ll commit to helping find ways for you to use it in yours, too.  I don’t exactly plan to make a living on this, but if anything does come my way, it’ll be more material to fuel future posts.

Speaking of reviews, I’ve got one scheduled later this week, regarding one of the books I picked up at Gencon, Dreaming Cities.  Tri-stat urban fantasy.  Stay tuned.


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